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Okay, Which FOF opened first?
KD's or KI's?
I think KI's, although both were built in '96.

Quote from wikipedia:
"Flight of Fear was built by Premier Rides and was the world's first linear induction motor roller coaster"
This is about the one at KI
I think I remember hearing that Premier Rides could not get ether ride working. KD maintenance staff got ours to work then was sent to KI I think ours opened two weeks before KI's.
I got a ride in the front on sunday, and inside it was scenic, air conditioned, and awesome. Front is definitely the place to be I think, you can feel the wheight of the train really pushing you down the second half of the ride (which is essentially a downward spiral, if you know what I mean).
FOF's restraints are bad for me, I mean im only 6 foot 2 and the restraints seem tight!
This has to be my favorite ride in the world, next to Revenge of The Mummy. I have said in other topics that I go on the ride with my little flash light and flicker it on and off. It scares people on the ride and the reactions are to die for. This is all I pretty much come to the park for. I wish I had one of these for myself. I would do all kinds of theme tweaking for it, to make it scarier. You would think that I would get tired of riding it over and over again, but I don't for some reason. Rider reactions on this ride are to die for and I love being in the dark at high speeds.
Does FOF have the same layout as rock 'n roller coaster at Disney? or was RnR built by vekoma....
brewer97 Wrote:Does FOF have the same layout as rock 'n roller coaster at Disney? or was RnR built by vekoma....

I believe their are similar but they are not. Flight of Fear has the inversion at the end of the ride while, Rockin Roller Coaster does not.
^which do u like more?
I personally like FOF more than Rock 'N' Roller Coaster. Better restraints and the ride is more enjoyable for some reason. RNRC launch is better though... IMO.
On sunday i got to ride flight of fear with the lights on! EPIC. The ride operators forgot to turn them off for the first ride of the day.
^^yeah RnRC was my first and only LIM...pretty sick launch :twisted:
Do they ever turn all the lights off?

Theres usually a few dim lights, and you can see the track pretty clearly. I was wondering if its ever pitch black in there.
Yes - they were all off some last year.
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