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Full Version: Timmy Topped Off!
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As many of you know last night was the big topping off of the crown of the lift hill for Intimidator 305. Many of you stayed up late to watch the webcam as the last two pieces of the lift hill rose about the park and were slowly put in to place.

My view was amazing. Not only did I get to see the event live as it happened, but I watched from 300 feet in the air! I was lucky enought to do some video work from the "bucket" as they placed the piece in place.

[Image: normal_IMG_4855_%28Large%29.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_4865_%28Large%29.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_4879_%28Large%29.JPG]

[Image: normal_IMG_4882_%28Large%29.JPG]

Check out all the pictures here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... p?album=97</a><!-- m -->
Clint! You always surprise us with goodness! This was amazing to see this so close!

Watching the webcam was awesome last night.

Clint, what's the story behind you going up with the team to the top?
It was a surprize. If I knew I was going up I would have dressed warmer!!

I was there shooting video for the topping off, and the prez of the company was out there. He said I could get better video from the top. I was thrilled! Also scared!

I was lucky I happen to have both cameras out there (one was getting ready to shoot a time laps shoot.) I grabbed one and KD did some video with that, and I went up with the crew with the other camera.

I wish it was daytime out, but the video and pictures turned out well. The view is really something else!
Thanks Clint for devoting so much time to doing updates on this coaster.
Clint you are one lucky dog. It isn't everyday that someone gets to be in the bucket with the crew at any point during the build especially the topping off!

I am just glad you could take us all along with you, in photo and video form.
I stayed up and watched
By far my favorite update!
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