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Valleyfair!!!!! - Clint Novak - 01-25-2013 08:42 PM

So with the addition of the fan sites, I am happy that we could put Valleyfair in there. For those who know my history, I grew up in Minnesota, and went to Valleyfair all the time. I worked there in the summer of 99 and Valleyfair was my home park before I even know what a home park was!

I know many of you who are a part of the Coaster Crew Network may have never been to Valleyfair. It is truely an underrated park. Its not very big. In fact it is one of the smaller Cedar Fair Parks, but really a nice place. Also withen a half hour from the Mall of America and the park that is there.

I am really happy we could add them to our fansite network :-)

RE: Valleyfair!!!!! - rida12 - 12-19-2014 11:34 PM

When the valleyfair will be arranged again, I wish to join it?