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KDFansite Forum Rules
05-13-2010, 08:38 PM
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KDFansite Forum Rules
Forum Rules:

1)Keep it friendly: At no point should you ever criticize someone on something they post. If what you are thinking of writing in response to someone else’s ideas sounds remotely negative, then it probably is. Feel free to counteract someone’s opinion with your own, but do not attack them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If something posted offends you then contact one of the staff. Remember, we are all here because we share a common interest, Kings Dominion. Everyone will have different ideas and opinions.

2) Post Appropriately: First of all, post your ideas under the correct topic. It will be difficult for people to respond to you if they can’t easily find your posts. Next, be sure to avoid multiple threads. Read the titles first and see if there isn’t a thread already started on your topic. Remember to use the search feature as well, it is there to help. If there isn’t a thread on your topic, then you can start a new one. Make sure your thread titles have a short, but explanatory title.

3) Double Posts: These are quite unnecessary. There should not be a reason for one user to post twice in a row. If you need to change something you said in a previous post, you can use the edit feature or delete the first post entirely.

4) Etiquette: We should all remember that Kings Dominion is a family friendly park. Therefore this forum is family friendly as well. All posts should be appropriate for fans of all ages. This means there should be absolutely no cursing. There should also be no topics or posts that contain any of the following: religion, sexual orientation, inappropriate websites, etc. We don’t want to turn anyone away.

5) Off topic forum: This is a place for you to post topics about anything and everything you are interested in that is not related to kings dominion. You just need to make sure it does not interfere with rule number 4.

6) Multiple Usernames: These are unnecessary and are not allowed. Please stick with one name and use it only. Multiple usernames will be blocked.

7) Posting Video Links: You may post links to outside videos, but you must make sure that the videos are not illegal Point of View's of any ride. Illegal POV's include any video taken on a ride without the permission of Kings Dominion, or the park that they were taken at. Remember, photography of any type is prohibited on any ride at Cedar Fair parks. In addition to this, you may not post links to videos by users who have Illegal POV's in their library. This includes your own library. Any violation of this rule may include a ban from KDfansite and any affiliate site, and we may also report the actions to the representative park.

8: Clubs Only Administrators of KDFansite may establish a club on this site, as they directly relates to rule 9. If you would like a club started contact an Administrator and we will approve, and create it.

9): Spamming You are allowed to post links, to other websites, including in your signature. But, there is a limit, excessive spamming will be removed, if you create an entire topic just to give out a links, and constantly post in it, it may be removed.

We reserve the right to disallow access to any member, on a case by case basis to be determined by the KDFansite staff

If you have any questions about the rules please contact the forum staff.

If you would like to report a violation of these rules you may contact any of the following:

Clint Novak - Clint Novak - <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Nick - eastcoaster - <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

KDFansite Assistant General Manager
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