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The Official Anaconda Topic
09-05-2012, 10:56 PM
Post: #61
Re: The Official Anaconda Topic
I305Evan Wrote:if they did for say remove anaconda it would be cool if the a new ride passed through some rebell yells supports and threw I305's huge turn. you know incorporate a ride with many others.
I dunno about going thru Rebel yell, but I could see them maybe building the coaster over the lowest parts of Rebel yell sorta like a 'dueling' coaster.

Anaconda, much as I kinda enjoy the old arrow coasters for their history, this is one that I won't miss at all. The only good thing about it is the tunnel thru the lake. Otherwise I wouldn't be surprised the park drained the lake and put a new coaster in its place. The ride just goes to hell after the mcb. I've been on Great American Scream Machine when it was still at 6 flags New Jersey and that was tolerable if you know how to brace yourself. However on anaconda, there's no way to brace yourself as you will get tossed around. I also hate how the trains are so tight and you can barely move in it. But the lake and the coaster tracks over it makes for wonderful photo opportunities [reflection over the water], that's pretty much it's main plus besides the tunnel.
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