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KD Trip 7/7/11
07-07-2011, 11:15 PM
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KD Trip 7/7/11
I went late in the day (around 6:30)- there was a Christian Rock concert in the park- the sounds of which were loud and repellant to me- but I'm sure those that were into the event had a good time.


1. Dominator 2. Avalanche 3. Volcano (ride broke down before I got on) 4. Flight of Fear 5. Shockwave 6. Grizzly

Note- I305 was running

I had a headache from being out too much earlier in the day- but I've wanted to go to the park in the late afternoon to get some rides in when it was getting dark. The only ride that fit that description on this night was Grizzly.

1. Dominator- rode second to last row, outside seat to the left.

I think I've got to the point in riding coasters that the real "scary/ thrilling" part of the ride is in being suspect of the physical engineering of the ride and the train. I no longer get that stomach-losing feeling from big hills, being upside down, or what not. What makes me enjoy coasters is a mix of nostalgia- I suppose- and of feeling that the ride captured the feeling it's trying to convey. I don't want to get too controversial for this board but I will assume we are all mature adults... for me a coaster without a concept is like intimacy without love. a boring, pointless, arbitrary act.

This is kind of what chafes me about Dominator. I don't get how it dominates anything. I keep thinking that this ride was built and then had the Batman license slapped onto it (thus the paint colors). There's nothing about where this ride was placed that gives it any sense of purpose at all. Looking at the parking lot and the all of the tour buses isn't my idea of amusing. But, I'm just being grumpy.

I didn't really care too much for the ride itself, this being the third time. I think maybe I'm picking the wrong seat. The train seemed a little wobbly in the back- like a wheel was going bad.

2. Avalanche

The 80s great was one of my favorites when it came out. I was thinking on my ride home that this really should have been a BG ride- what with the european theme and the sportiness of it. That being said, I was kind of shocked at how small the ride is. It's short- more short than I remember it being. I did like the sense of freedom you felt on the track and the various turns and twists. It certainly doesn't feel like an adult ride at this point and I don't think a park could get away with making a ride like this their big new attraction for the year...

3. Volcano

they had the fire spouting out at the top of the mountain and then ten-fifteen minutes into the wait it broke down. Typical.

4. Flight of Fear

What is the load time per train on this ride? twenty minutes? i know Volcano is a slow loading, low capacity ride, but i never have the patience to wait in line for this ride. It's too bad really, because FoF is actually entertaining. I was in the second car by myself- and outside of a bunch of teenagers screaming their heads off (remember i had a headache), I had a great time.

5. Shockwave.

This ride sucks, is painful to ride, and has absolutely zero thrills. NEXT!

6. Grizzly

Got right on. It's a shame that people don't love this woody as much as they should. It was high flying in the backseat at dusk. The tunnel was shrill with a nice headchopping sensation.... a perfect way to end my day.

2011: I305: 2 Rebel Yell: 6 Dominator: 3 Grizzly: 4 Scooby Doo: 3 Volcano: 1 Carousel: 8 Shockwave: 1 Avalanche: 5 Flight of Fear: 1 King Kobra: 3 Fried Oreos: 3: Your Mom: 1

BG: LNM: 3 Alpngeist: 2 Griffon: 1 Le Scoot: 1 Big Bad Wolf: 3 Mach Tower: 2
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07-08-2011, 09:22 AM
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Re: KD Trip 7/7/11
I was there 7/7/11 as well, but I was at Kingsfest, the Christian music concert that was certainly loud and awesome! Got to the park around 2:00 and rode Drop Tower, Rebel Yell, and Boo Blasters before going to Kingsfest. Good crowd yesterday, there were a lot of buses and groups there for the concert. Pretty big crowd for a Thursday. I did leave the concert for a while to get something to eat because the food choices at the concert were poor. Rode Dominator before going back to the concert.

Kingsfest Day 1 was incredible! By the time Skillet performed around 7:50, the Kingswood Ampitheater was packed! They did not disappoint the crowd as they performed until 10:20. My son and I went for the concert, but were happy to get a few rides in while we were there.
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