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Kings Dominion Trip Report Tuesday July 12
07-14-2011, 06:24 PM
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Kings Dominion Trip Report Tuesday July 12
I used to have KD as my home park and had many great memories throughout my childhood visiting this park. I liked it back when it was paramount, and now much more with the changes CF made to the park. We planned a trip to BGE sunday and KD tuesday. BGE was nice and very empty, it was a beautiful day in a beautiful park, but i was not nearly as impressed with the park as i used to be. Some of the changes were very strange to me, but i wont go too much into that. KD on the other hand i was VERY impressed with in every way. When I got to the park i instantly noticed how great the skyline looked. Hypersonic was gone which looked a bit strange, but Dominator and Intimidator looked great, and i would never would have guessed dominator used to be on a parking lot. Im excited to see how dominator's area fills in with foliage and landscaping over the next few years. As for my day, there was a heat advisory, and there were large crowds. But the park did there job and made sure everybody was staying hydrated by warnings over the speaker systems all throughout the parks. And even the ride ops told people where to go for the nearest waterfountain or indoor attractions and restaurants. Even just random park staff would say hi and be friendly just walking by and asked us if we were staying hydrated and cool.

Now to the rides. The operations were incredible on volcano. The line was long even early in the day when we got there, and i almost didnt wait, but my brother had not ridden it yet and wanted to. They ran 2 trains the whole day though, and to my surprise, the line did not stop moving once. Then fof was just as good. 2 trains, and they had a great system of letting in enough people for 4 people per row into the loading area, then cutting off the line, so the station stayed open and uncrowded, and the line seemed to move very far with each interval. I only waited about 15 mins for volcano, and 10 mins for fof. All of the rides i went to had just as good operations, and not once on any ride did i get stapled on a ride.

Tuesday was also my first time riding I305. Robb was so right when he said that Intimidator craps all over MF. My brother wouldnt ride it again because it was too intense, but i rode it 5 times that day. I would have liked to ride more but it was hot and i had a dad and sister and brother to think about. Too bad because for some reason it was nearly walk on all day with one train. Anyways, the drop. That ride has the best first drop on any coaster i have ever rode. Better than el toro, and ntag combined. And imo even a bit better than MF. WOW. Then the whole ride has incredible airtime that beats sros sfne imo, and normal/transitional lats mixed with airtime is just the best thing ever to me. Each of the twists was like its own inversion to me, and there is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of flying through those twists. They totaly caught me off gaurd. Then there are the same insane turbulent gforces that make me love Titan at SFOT everywhere on this ride. Every part of this ride is just completely out of controll, and the restraints (which need to be put on maverick) made every last twist comfortable and enjoyable. Best coaster i have ever ridden. Great job kd and intamin. Now all they need is to cut down on the trims mid ride. Theres already ejector there with them, i cant imagine having even more speed there. Its nice and shiny too, which is always a plus.

Intimidator was a huge score by CF, and now they just need to continue beautifying the park (which its already pretty gorgeous from what they have already done) and it would be perfect. BTW i forgot how much i loved Volcanos launch and barrel rolls, and the themeing quality of fof. Two great rides. And drop zone is great too. Hurler is definately riding better than my last trip to the park like 4 yrs ago, so something was totaly done right there. Dominator rode great and despite all the talk of it being rough, the front row was very smooth imo and was a very great ride. Just needs some airtime. Overall, the park is beautiful, and better than ever with I305. I really am hoping to visit again soon. Keep up the good work KD!

Intimidator- 5
Volcano- 1
Flight of Fear- 1
Hurler- 1
Drop Tower- 2
Ricochet- 2
Dominator- 1
Boo Blasters- 2
Taxi jam- 1
Treasure cave- 3
Waterslides- 3
Dunk bucket- 4
Log flume- 1
Vintage cars- 2

I would have liked to hit shockwave, rebel yell, grizzly, the crypt, avalanche, more slides, and more rides on FOF and Volcano, but whatever thats life.
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07-14-2011, 06:43 PM
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Re: Kings Dominion Visit Tuesday July 12
glad you enjoyed the park so much! hope you can make it back again soon. great trip report, btw Big Grin
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07-14-2011, 06:57 PM
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Re: Kings Dominion Visit Tuesday July 12
Great TR! Thanks for sharing!

I Have No Homeboy.
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07-14-2011, 07:53 PM
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Re: Kings Dominion Visit Tuesday July 12
Great trip report and detailed discription of Intimidator! Glad you enjoyed the mighty 305 so much and it is your number 1 coaster. :mrgreen:
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07-14-2011, 09:59 PM
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Re: Kings Dominion Visit Tuesday July 12
Yeah thanks! The whole ride just really caught me off guard and i was not expecting what i got, having about the expectation of maverick which was great but not so insane!
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