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Dorney Park Trip Report 7/18/11
07-19-2011, 03:55 PM
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Dorney Park Trip Report 7/18/11
My son and I left for Dorney Park Monday morning around 6:00 and arrived at 11:15. The parking lot was pretty full for a Monday morning. After entering the park, we went straight to Talon and rode twice with only a few minute wait each time. I really like this coaster which reminds me a lot of a smaller, slower Dominator (it even looks similar, same design and color). Next we rode Hang Time (which is almost identical to the Crypt) with not wait. Hang Time has 2 rows of seats that face the same direction, there is no fire, and the ride rotates much slower than Crypt. Next we rode Hydra twice with only a few minute wait each time. Then my son rode Tilt-a-Whirl, and we rode Whip. I can't visit Dorney Park without riding Whip, which has been at the park since 1920. Then we rode Steel Force, which is their biggest coaster, and not very exciting. No wait for Steel Force. Then my son rode Possessed with no wait.

For lunch we ate at Game Day Grille, a table service restaurant similar to the one at Cedar Point. Service and food was great and it is always nice to sit down at a real restaurant for a meal without leaving the park. After lunch we went to Wild Water Kingdom, their water park which was absolutely crammed with people. We left the park around 4:30 to check in to our hotel, the Comfort Suites right across the street from the parking lot. Nice hotel, reasonably priced for the area. We ate at the restaurant in the hotel which was a grille/pub. Great food and good prices.

We went back to the park around 7:00 and rode Demon Drop which is a 60' free fall ride. This ride was just installed at Dorney Park last summer. A ride operator told me it came from Cedar Point. No wait on this ride either. Then we played some games and had a snack before heading back to the hotel for the night.

Dorney Park was my home park growing up as I was only 40 minutes away as a child. This park does not have a large selection of thrill rides, but does have plenty of flats. The park does have a lot of charm and I like the full service restaurants. I really like the midway feel when you first enter the park, with a carrousel right inside the entrance and many food shops and games in this area. The water park seems great by the number of people there on a day with temperatures in the low 90s, but we only did the wave pool. What really surprised me about Dorney Park was the lack of lines for all of the rides. This is not a park worthy of a yearly trip unless you are in the area and have a Platinum Pass, but I would recommend a trip if you have not been there.
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