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Alex4Hokies' 8/4 & 8/5 Mini KD Update/Trip Report.
08-05-2011, 08:57 PM
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Alex4Hokies' 8/4 & 8/5 Mini KD Update/Trip Report.
I've been at the park the past two days and just got home a few minutes ago. It was a good two days at the park despite the kind of warm heat... but let me say, this heat has KD's coasters running smoother than normal which caused me absolutely no headbanging on Dominator (during the second half like usual) since it was flying through the course.

Ride count Thursday 8/4/11 (12:00-5:00):
Drop Tower- 1
Rebel Yell- 1
Grizzly- 1
Beserker- 1
Dominator- 1
Boo Blasters- 1
Flight of Fear- 1
Intimidator 305- 2

Ride count Friday 8/5/11 (10:30-2:30):
Drop Tower- 1
Wave Swinger- 1
El Dorado- 1
Crypt- 1
Volcano- 2
Intimidator 305- 3

This trip brings me up to 40 rides on 305 for 2011.

Oh and for some reason my friend wanted to do the ring toss so I grabbed 3 ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings and unfortunately won the 6 ft. GIANT Jamaican banana...

No signs of anything 2012 related yet. I was looking all over the park for markers...

Halloween Haunt advertisments are in full swing with flags in the entrance plaza, banners on International Street, and even a little set-up under the Eiffel Tower that is more than likely teasing one of the new scarezones or mazes. Dodgem has been closed since August 1st and they already have the Medieval Macabre walls going up in there. There also is a kind of new Halloween Haunt XI logo with flames in the logo instead of the typical eyeballs one.

The parks "Happiness is... Finding a Cure! Pink Days" looks like a success as well with TONS of Snoopys being bought and thrown into the International Street fountains. I bought some as well to support the cause, plus I figured I had a tiny chance to win the car. Everytime I was over there by the booth people were lined up to buy the Snoopys to throw them in the fountains.

No photo trip report this time from me, but if you go on over to TPR you can see some of the highlights that I mentioned.
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