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08-29-2011, 06:33 AM
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Re: It's official B&M'S FIRST GIGA COASTER.
Josh Wrote:
Christian Wrote:This looks SO much better than i305! I know many of you arent gonna agree because were probably a tad biased, but I wish they waited two years and gave us this instead!! Smile
The drop on I-305 is probably better. I-305 is very intense and this ride doesn't look
intense, it just looks fun. So I don't know which one looks better.

i305 probably is more intense, but intensity isnt everything for me. Its important, but layout counts too. The layout on Leviathon looks better to me. Dont get me wrong, I love i305 but id rather have this!

"We are crooked souls trying to stand up straight. Dried eyes in the pouring rain, well, the shadow proves the sunshine..."
The Shadow Proves the Sunshine- Switchfoot
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