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*+^+ Laurel's TR of Riding of the Bulls +*^*+
09-27-2011, 07:50 PM
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*+^+ Laurel's TR of Riding of the Bulls +*^*+
[Image: 6190239405_40b0b046e8_m.jpg]
The Riding of The Bulls TRES ACE Event

The Peeps:
Laurel (Me)
Tim and Kate

The Report:
This is a TR of our trip to New Jersey for the American Coaster Enthusiast's Event: Riding of the Bull. Let me start off by saying thanks to MichaelCollier1 for letting a few of us tag along with him as a guest with his ACE Membership. This event was the BEST!
[Image: 6190757166_1661d6555b.jpg]
It was my first time to GADV and wow I am impressed. I had a bad impression of Sixflags parks because well, our sixflags in Maryland is not the best. Sixflags in NJ is awesome. I noticed I actually felt safe on rides lol... Not only that the quality of the rides and coasters were the BEST. There wasn't a coaster there that I did not love. Well, that's a lie Rolling Thunder is a ehhh but, Nitro,Superman, El Freakin Toro.... I was in Heaven.

It was Nikki's first time there too and she agreed with me, the place was amazing.

The first thing we did when we got there and got checked in was head over to Green Lantern and Superman: The Ultimate Flight.

The Green Lantern, I was impressed. I am not a fan of standups, because they are usually uncomfortable. This was so smooth and actually a great coaster. My #1 standup for sure now.
[Image: 6190760288_5ebdabc436.jpg]

Superman: The Ultimate Flight...... LOVED IT! Again, this flyer was incredibly smooth and the loop or somersault is just so cool. Batwing has nothing on this. (That's the only other flyer I have been on)

After that, we decided to go ride EL TORO! why not?
[Image: 6190786458_f046c509df.jpg]
SOOOO AWESOME. Its probably my favorite coaster now, so intense. Once you turn out of the station you are sent shooting up the lift hill (like i305's cable lift) so fast its incredible. The drop is sooo steep its crazy. The second hill is all about major air, the third hill as well. The turns are sweet. Everything about it is amazing. I miss it already.

After El Toro Tim and Kate left to do a behind the scenes photo tour they won, and the rest of us went to Houdini.... We got through the preshow but the ride broke down so we took the time to take a few pics and here is a group pic of us:
[Image: 6190356611_7dfa7190d9.jpg]
Picture from Michael

After that we headed over to a History Tour of the park that we signed up for. It was pretty cool, but I kept getting distracted by all the cool rides I wanted to ride.

After the tour we rode Batman (inverted coaster) another good coaster I personally like it as much as Alpengiest, but i'm a fan of inverted coasters anyway.
[Image: 6190805632_ba90f8ec2f.jpg]

Then while we were in Gotham City, we rode The Dark Knight.

[Image: 6190802826_3c43196e79.jpg]
Very cool ride. Its basically a wild mouse coaster in the dark, but they added good theming. I thought it was a good coaster. And by the way, all of GADV is themed very nicely. Parts reminded me of Universal theming and even Disney.

After that it was time for Lunch! We headed over to the pavillion. They announced raffle ticket numbers. Kate and Tony won a shirt, Tim won a mug, and Gavin won a keychain and pen. This was awesome, because there was a lot of people at this event. So CC members made out with prizes.
[Image: 6190813374_3628be9bf9.jpg]
[Image: 6190812798_e7cb82a62a.jpg]
[Image: 6190814070_350ca667ba.jpg]

After lunch.... it was time for more coasting. We rode Skull Mountain. It reminded me of Space Mountain a little bit. I thought it was fun in the dark.

Then, it was time for NITRO! Nitrooooo , we all loved it. Alot of us agreed this thing owns Apollo's Chariot. Its my favorite Hyper coaster, hands down. So much airtime......
[Image: 6190293925_4073fa0ab5.jpg]

[Image: 6190808420_448fb34fb0.jpg]

After Nitro, we rode the Jolly Roger(flat ride), Mine Train, and another train coaster forget its name.

Then we decided to rest our feet and watch a dolphin show.... yes dolphin show!
It was very cute ...

After the Dolphin show it was time to try Houdini again! We didn't want to miss this attraction cause we heard it was awesome. Well, we heard right it was really cool and that is all I will give you. I don't wanna ruin it for you all, you will just have to go experience it for yourselves. =}

Next the crew was getting thirsty so they stopped off one of these guys:

[Image: 6190298983_ee7fc83e6a.jpg]

We decided to go back and ride Superman one more time too! We loved this and it was dark now so they had effects going like fog. This ride is even more cool in the dark!

It was ERT time for El Toro! In the dark, this thing is even more a BEAST! we rode it over and over.

We also had a ert on Rolling Thunder(only needed to ride that thing once) classic coasters hurt. that is all.

We rode Bizarro too for ERT. We just sat in our seats and rode that a few times.
I loved this, the effects (fire,lights and all that jazz) was so neat! The soundtrack was annoying however. But the coasters layout kicked major booty. I love Dominator, but sorry Domi..... Bizarro is better. Don't get me wrong, I love Dominator.... I just think Bizarro is a bit more fun =P

After the day was over we all were so tired, but we had a day to remember. Everyone left with smiles on their faces. Thanks to Michael's dad, Tim, Tony all for driving while we were passed out in the back of Tim's Taxi.

[Image: 6190895650_bb9209029b.jpg]
Great Picture of us by Nikki!

[Image: 2816011524_5bf5a1120a.jpg]
Ride Warrioress- Bow down suckahs. =P
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09-27-2011, 10:13 PM
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Re: *+^+ Laurel's TR of Riding of the Bulls +*^*+
Great TR Laurel! That place was AMAZING! El Toro is NUMERO UNO!
I'm going to add some more pictures if you don't mind.

Dark Knight
[Image: DSCF7628.jpg]

Some cool people!
[Image: DSCF7647.jpg]

Me and Laurel's first ride on El Toro!
[Image: Image5.jpg]

First ride on Nitro
[Image: Image4-1.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9981.jpg]

[Image: PicnikNitro2-1.jpg]

El Toro
[Image: PicnikElToro.jpg]

Dolphin Show!!
[Image: DSCF7701.jpg]

Nitro again
[Image: PicnikNitro-1.jpg]

I Have No Homeboy.
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09-28-2011, 07:48 PM
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Re: *+^+ Laurel's TR of Riding of the Bulls +*^*+
Awesome trip report!!!! I had a great time! We will definitely have to do this trip again next year! Big Grin

Team Classy #1!
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09-29-2011, 09:59 AM
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Re: *+^+ Laurel's TR of Riding of the Bulls +*^*+

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