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Josh's Trip to Halloween Haunt XI (10/15/11)
10-15-2011, 11:21 PM
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Josh's Trip to Halloween Haunt XI (10/15/11)
Well, this is my first Trip Report, and my first time to King's Dominion since July.

10:35 A.M. - 2:30 P.M.
I got to the park at about 10:35 and went straight to Volcano. After a great ride on Volcano, I went to Flight of Fear while the line was down and it was still rough as ever. Intimidator was next on my list to ride so I went over there and rode that once. Also, either I grew a lot since July or Intimidator 305 got new trains, it felt really small, but better. Then I went around the park looking at where El Dorado was and where Dinosaurs Alive is going and to see the mazes and scarezones. Then back to Intimidator 305. I left the park at around 2:30 and returned about 5:30 for Haunt.

Volcano - Pretty short line, but it was 10:45 in the morning. I was two trains from going on and it broke down and I had to wait there for about 20 minutes but it was still fun. Volcano never gets boring.

Flight of Fear - Got a ride on that after Volcano, also had a short line. Still very rough, but enjoyable at the same time.

Intimidator 305 - I got two rides on Intimidator 305, but the second was really awkward, I saw this girl and guy from my school who i've never really talked to. The guy looked like he was really mad at me. The first time was fun because Dale was working, you guys should know who he is, the older guy. He is awesome!

El Dorado/WindSeeker - El Dorado is gone. Can't wait for WindSeeker.

Thunder Raceway/Dinosaurs Alive - I saw a big sign for Dinosaurs Alive by Thunder Raceway. Is Thunder Raceway being removed for Dinosaurs Alive?

Log Flume - Did they make a new sign, I swear I had never seen it before?

*Overall best looking maze from outside was Camp Killauee.

5:30 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.
Well, when I got there I headed straight for Medieval Macabre. Since this was my first time to Haunt I was a little scared. But we did all the mazes in about 2 hours 30 minutes thats to my Fright Lane passes. Got all the mazes and scarezones done, and some shows. I'm rating the mazes/scarezones/shows out of 10.


Medieval Macabre - This was my first Haunt maze ever, so it was pretty awesome, the props weren't as good as the rest though. 7/10.

Slaughter House - This was my third favorite maze, so scary but so awesome, just loved it! 10/10.

Club Blood - It was really not that good. I was expecting it to be one of the best, but it was really bad. The only time I got scared was when they jumped at you at the end. Everyone was kind of just standing there looking at you. I really expected better. 4/10.

Toxic Plague - This one was like Club Blood, everyone was just standing there. I actually took a wrong turn and went into this dark passageway. Props were awesome. 5/10.

The Asylum - I really liked this one, scare people were very scary and so was their outfits. Also great music. 9/10.

Outbreak: The Evolution - This one was also one of my favorites, they really got me and the people in front of me. They distracted us and then they popped out from the wall. Awesome. 8/10.

The Doll Factory - Great, loved it. They scared me so much during this, they need to keep it around as long as they can! 10/10.

Blue Ridge Bloodbath - I loved it but the scarers didn't want to scare you if you had already seen them. Kind of got annoying. The guy at the end with the chainsaw really really scared me. 9/10.

Camp Killuee - This one was really good but they need to spread out more. 8/10.

Cornstalkers - It was really scary, really fun, and really funny. The scarers loved to talk to me after they scared me. So much fun. Best of the night. 10/10.

Mazes in order from least favorite to favorite.
Toxic Plague.
Club Blood.
Medeval Macabre.
Camp Killauee.
Outbreak: The Evolution.
Blue Ridge Bloodbath.
The Doll Factory.
Slaughter House.
The Asylum.


Feary Tales: Awesome props, but not enough scarers. 6/10.

IronWorX - Best scarezone ever, I made friends with Dr. Sarah, she was awesome, stayed in character the entire time! 10/10.

Necropolis - Terrible scarezone. No offense to the scarers in it, but they were awful, they broke character many times. 0/10.

CarnEvil - Great scarezone, very long. 10/10.

The Ruins - Was very short with very little scarers. 4/10.

The Lair - Awesome, but not many scarers. I saw the Overlord many times in there. 7/10.

in order from least favorite to favorite.
The Ruins.
Feary Tales.
The Lair.


Uprising - Awesome dancers and great music. 10/10.


Grizzly at Night - First time on Grizzly at night so it was awesome, so much better.

Dominator at Night - Awesome. Just awesome.

That's all I have, thank's for reading. :mrgreen:

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10-16-2011, 11:14 AM
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Re: Josh's Trip to Halloween Haunt XI (10/15/11)
Sounds like you caught Club Blood, Toxic Plague, and Necropolis at a bad time. Also, how the heck did you like Blue Ridge Bloodbath that much? Haha! Anyways, great trip report.
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10-16-2011, 12:38 PM
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Re: Josh's Trip to Halloween Haunt XI (10/15/11)
alex4hokies Wrote:Sounds like you caught Club Blood, Toxic Plague, and Necropolis at a bad time. Also, how the heck did you like Blue Ridge Bloodbath that much? Haha! Anyways, great trip report.
I don't know, but it was awesome to me! Big Grin

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10-17-2011, 10:00 PM
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Re: Josh's Trip to Halloween Haunt XI (10/15/11)
First time I've ever been to KD for Halloween Haunt, well done KD.

Cornstalkers was incredible, definitely my favorite. There was a girl in front of me who literally bawled and so we had to slow down to let her run out so the scarers didn't think we were with her and make sure they would scare us..I liked the camp one too and I actually didn't think Outbreak was all that bad. I thought the Doll House and Asylum were after that...Slaughterhouse was pretty wack though, not a huge fan.

The scarezones were kinda lame I thought too..people-watching was more fun than actually going through them. The zone in the vine tunnel thing was the only one someone actually scared me, the others just sorta walked around and stalked people.

The ride lines were kinda ridiculous but they moved fast..except Volcano, which I didn't get the chance to ride. I305 is still incredible and the line when I got in it was past the ride entrance, almost to the gift shop and I didn't wait more than 45 minutes to get on..the Dominator line moved fast too. Rebel Yell's wait was long and that line was slow mainly because on the one track they only had one train running and they had two trains running on the other track...naturally, without knowing, I picked the track with only one train..rookie mistake. Really disappointed Flight of Fear wasn't running because of the Outbreak maze and even more disappointed Drop Zone wasn't running because of the wind..easily two of my favorite rides at KD along with i305.

All-in-all, had a really good day at KD and plan on coming back to Halloween Haunt next year!
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