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Thorpe Park TR
10-18-2011, 09:42 AM
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Thorpe Park TR
So after coming back to the UK I finally got a chance to visit one of their parks. We headed out on the 15th, and usually I am really picky about getting to the park about an hour-ish before it opens to make sure to have time to do everything and be one of the first in the park, but not this time. We got there about an hour and a half after the park opened and purchased our tickets. Parking is done different here, you actually purchase your parking ticket from admissions before exiting the park instead of a kiosk at the entrance of the lot. Luckily it was a warm sunny day which is quite odd for England at this time of year, but no complaints.

Anyways, I was expecting we would have plenty of time to get the coasters done and have a couple rerides being they only have 4 major coasters, but apparently not. We got there at 11:30 and by 3:30 we had only gotten 2 done. I did get all 4 done though, but it was definitely late by the time I did.

The park was definitely a different experience than parks back home in the states and it was more fun than I expected. The food was pretty good and the prices were decent, about what you would expect for prices back home. They don't have all the sweet treats and fried yummies we have at our parks either lol. Their biggest sweet is doughnuts, they don't even know what funnel cakes are which is a must for me at parks. Although can't complain about the doughnuts because they were delicious (sorry rambling :lol: ).

It was their Fright Nights and sadly I only managed to get 2 of their mazes done because of lines and time. Of the 2 mazes we did I can say their Halloween stuff is so much better than ours. First off they can actually touch you and they use that to their advantage. They would come right up on me and in the strobe lights would actually sneak up and bam they were in my face and would grab me. (I always seem to be the one to get picked on in our groups). Another way they do things different is that they send in a group and you have to pretty much kongo line through. You are supposed to hold the person in front you you shoulders and keep walking through. In the one maze I did feel bad for the guy in the front of the line because at the end they had a narrow hall and at the end of this hall was a man starting a chain saw. This man ran up and brushed beside us all until he was behind us and then took off running chasing us out the house. That poor man in front of the line almost got trampled. I wish I had more time to have done more of the mazes because of how awesome the first 2 were.

All in all I had an amazing time and it was also a special time because it was the first time I have ever been to a park with my husband, and being that coasters are a big passion of mine it was a very special event. I had to drag him on everything though and it made for great laughs at him hyperventalating on the rides :lol: . It really makes me excited to carry him to Carowinds and other parks back in the states. He will have a heart attack on Intimidator.

Now for ride thoughts:

Nemesis Inferno: Great ride. It was a fun joyride to me though, not very thrilling. The themeing was really nice in the mountain or volcano I guess was what it was supposed to be.

Stealth: Amazing ride to me. We rode in the second row because my husband wouldn't be convinced to sit in the front, and since I have been smacked in the eye with a bug on Intimidators front seat I couldn't argue lol. The intensity of the launch was amazing, and you got a great pop of airtime at the top of the hill. Just completely amazing to me.

Saw:The Ride: Very fun ride. Greatly themed as well and had a couple of surprises I wasn't expecting. I really loved the way they had it set up with the whole movie theme it worked very well because they put alot into the theming and didn't just throw a name on it and crap theme. Beyond vertical drops are definitely one of my favorite types. One con is I wish the ride was a little longer.

Colossus: My favorite ride in the whole park. It was just amazing, and it really surprised me with how smooth of a ride it was. Especially with all the inversions. The 4 inversions back to back were so awesome and disorienting. I wished I could've gotten another ride on it, but I was lucky that by the time I got on it, it was dark so yay for a night ride lol.

I got a few pictures from my trip but I was so busy trying to ride everything that I didn't have time to take as many as I usually would, but here is a link to what I do have. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... 0cd62632d8</a><!-- m -->

I hope ya'll enjoyed my TR and it was better to read than my last one.

If you don't like your job, you don't strike! You just go in every day, and do it really half a**ed. That's the American way. - Homer Simpson
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