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Opening Weekend Kings Dominion
04-08-2012, 11:48 PM
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Opening Weekend Kings Dominion
What a great weekend! Did the park Thursday - Sunday.

Thursday - Media Day

Tim, Kate, Mike, and I had a chance to check out media day where we got to ride Windseeker 5 to 10 times and make our way around the new DI attraction.

Windseeker may not be as thrilling as Drop Tower, but it is quickly becoming my favorite flat ride in the park. I really enjoy the calm smooth ride it gives you up and back. Also the view is amazing! Had a sunset night ride on Saturday and it was a great view of the country side.

DI is not something I would do every time I am at the park, but I dont mind paying $5 if I have friends who have never seen it. It really is a cool idea and much bigger then I thought when they first annouced it. Perfict placement in the park as well.

I think the biggest surprize over all was the new Din film they have in the old action theater. The movie is 20 minutes long and is in real 3d. AMAZING! New projector and film really is a good fit. Best part you dont have to pay extra to see it! I really enjoy the film.

Friday - Opening day

The park was supper busy on its opening day. More so then even Saturday. The only other time I can ever remember croweds like this on opening day was when Timmy opened. It was really had on the food in the park. All food stands had a really long line, and some even ran out of key food like Funnle Cake. I did get a chance to try one of the new burgers at Jukebox Diner, and it did take a while for me to get my food, and it was not exactly what I ordered. But over all it was good.

Only rode Windseeker 2 times, and that was it. Everything else had such a long line I did not wait for anything.

Saturday - Camp Out Day

Saturday was much better in the park. I did try Jukebox Dinner one more time and this time the burger and service was much better. Burgers tasted jucie and were big! I had Cpt Awsome with me so we had to get on as many coasters as we could. We did everything but Dominator and Volcano. There was lots of Vanillia hunting between the two of us.

Half way thro the day a few of us went to get the camp site, set up tents, and eat some hot dogs over the fire. Was a very nice break and I was impressed with the camp sites.

Best part of the day was night rides on Windseeker with all my friends. seems like once the lights were turned on, the coaster crew were like moths. They made there way from all over the park to the ride so we could see this amazing ride light up. Our friend Nick cycled thro some of the light packages for us so we could see what all the different ones were.

After the park closed we had a chance to chat with Pat, and the Kings Dominion staff about our day, and then made our way to the camp site for smors!

Sunday - Last day

I did not sleep well because Tim poped my air bed that I was going to use, and I did not sleep on the ground well. It was very cold, but that did not effect me much. We ate dinner in the morning and then spent a few hours at the park before going home. I did get two rides on Volcano, and almost every other coaster that was missed over the weekend.

I did Grizzly twice this weekend and Hurler once. I have not been on Hurler since 2009 and Grizzly only once last year. Both not bad. I think the weight loss makes the wood coasters more enjoyable. Not saying Grizzly and Hurler are enjoyable..

Great way to kick off the coaster season!

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