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PTR Canobie Lake Summer 2012
09-12-2012, 06:41 PM
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PTR Canobie Lake Summer 2012
[Image: Casino1sm.jpg]
I finally got around to using my second of 3 tickets I bought on opening day. I was meeting up with 2 friends and one of their relatives. I arrived at 11:05 park had only been open for 5 minutes and despite being a Friday I found myself being parked on the far side of the parking lot. I also noticed a few busses unloading campers and driving off to be parked off site. Needless to say the park was very crowded. Every ride even the smaller flats had full queue lines that overflowed into the midway by Noon.

[Image: Corkscrew1sm.jpg]
My friends were running late so I hopped on Xtreme Frisbee and spent the rest of my time looking over the park and taking pics. The corkscrew is being repainted, you could smell fresh paint. I had seen a photo of a test section and was not impressed but as they paint more of the coaster I am finding I like the new color scheme.

[Image: TerrorCorn1sm.jpg]
The park is also adding a new haunt for this year’s Screeemfest event. Terror in the Corn will be an outdoor maze that they grew on site. They added a number of small touches to the front and side of the attraction to make it more appealing to the park itself not simple a field of corn. They even planted a small garden in front of it.
[Image: LadyGaga5sm.jpg]
The rest of my group arrived around quarter to 12 and it was time to start our day. My friend Andy and I road Wipe out, later we all road the Dodgems. I have not been on the bumper cars in years. Fun ride, like that there is no divider, but cars are slow. We then made out way to the Be Bop Diner to eat. I refilled my Souvenir cup for a 1.08 after tax. The rest of my group got 2 Chicken Finger baskets and 2 waters for just under $26. It was a very good meal and I liked the chicken. We then went to hit a few rides before the shows started.

[Image: Canobie12sm.jpg]

Ride count: (rides down none, Untamed did have some down time but was up quickly)
Untamed X 5 most of the rides were alone later in the day in the rain
Star blaster X 2 (end of day in the rain)
I rode the fallowing rids X 1: Dodgems, Zero Gravity, Wipe out, Tea cups, PhycoDrome, Caterpillar, Xtreme Frisbee, Canobie 500, Log Flume, Mine of Lost Souls, Canobie Express, and Yankee cannonball.

Read the full Photo Trip Report: Reports/Canobie Lake Park/CLPSummerShows
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