Poll: Should US parks add more hype and marketing to their new attractions?
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The Smiler
05-20-2013, 08:56 PM
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The Smiler
So ive noticed that something american theme parks dont have that UK parks do is good marketing. The Alton Towers resort this past year has done a great job in marketing their new ride "The Smiler". Lets take a look at how they did it:

SW7 plans submitted:

[Image: overview3.jpg]

While not revealing much it did show something very large was going to be included with the ride.

[Image: theming1.jpg]

Changes in Alton Towers:

Ads went around the park and many speculations made on what the theme will be. [Image: QR-Code.png]
This Ad could be seen on the construction fence and in many queue lines.
In September stage 2 of advertising took place. [Image: thumbs_p1140168_zpsfd40c9ba.jpg]

This was seen in various places around the park.

In October the Ads were raised once again:
[Image: img_0964.jpg]

Info Reveal

Quote:In March 2013, the Alton Towers Resort will launch its biggest ever ride. The first of its kind in the world, the rollercoaster will be the biggest ever investment for a ride at the Resort.
Whilst many of the details are still a closely guarded secret, here are a few exclusive facts about the ride, codenamed Secret Weapon 7!
Highest drop – 30m
Maximum speed – approx 85km/hr which is 10km/hr faster than Air
Track length – 1,170m. This is 3x the length of Oblivion
Ride time – 165 seconds which is 3x the ride time of Rita
Passengers per ride train – 16 (4x rows of 4)
Minimum rider height – 1.4m
Location – X Sector, on the site of the old Black Hole ride
Investment for the Resort – £18m
Opening date – 16th March 2013

The Sanctuary So at Alton Towers annual Scarefest this haunted house was revealed. The attraction is set in a research facility operated by "The Ministry of Joy". Alton Towers have released the following about the attraction "Is life a burden? Are things getting you down? Lost your Smile? Then check yourself in for a refreshing check up at The Sanctuary. The Ministry of Joy will launch its next revolutionary project in March 2013. After being closed for new patients for almost 50 years The Sanctuary, The Ministry of Joy’s earliest establishment, is now holding important trials searching for ‘Advocates’ for its 2013 project. So please, book your appointment, get yourself comfortable as the Doctor will see you now."


With the Black Hole torn down the area was ready for the Secret Weapon 7. In late October 2012 the first pieces of track began to arrive at the park. [Image: IMG_0813.JPG] In December track had begun to be moved to the construction site in immediate anticipation of the commencement of vertical construction. And in April track construction was completed. [Image: 2.jpg]

Marketing Outside The Towers
In January the "smile" logo was seen in many places around the UK.

Even an app [Image: devices01.png]
And the most craziest one of all. [Image: article-2264281-16FEE9E3000005DC-300_634x382.jpg] The logo on sheep.
In May of 2013 boxes of Krave cereal appeared in supermarkets with advertisements for The Smiler on the reverse of the packaging. The promotion revealed it as "the world's first fourteen looping coaster"[Image: 2wp5v5t.jpg]

A series of videos were made to promote the ride.

The Marmaliser

. 5 mind manipulating elements that play around with you on the ride, so it’s more than just a physical rollercoaster. These 5 elements have been confirmed as 'The Hypnotiser,' 'The Flasher,' 'The Giggler,' 'The Tickler' and 'The Inoculator.' Each of these five elements are included on each individual leg of The Marmaliser in the form of theming. Each element will provide a headchopper effect on riders.

The Ride

It is edited and the effects are not shown. But it shows all 14 inversions. At night it lights up with a nice lighting package

And the TV ad

SMILE.ALWAYS More to come......

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